[Marxism] Trotsky's Philosophical Notebooks : Questions on Psychology

Jeff Rubard jeffrubard at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 15:11:25 MST 2013


D.M. Armstrong is probably the most influential analytic philosopher alive
-- his work on "truthmakers" is very interesting as a full-scale assault on
postmodern relativism roughly from the standpoint of Wittgenstein's
*Tractatus*, and his blending of the functionalist and mind-brain identity
approaches to the mind is classic. But these issues get very quickly away
from sociopolitical importance; we can see in Lenin's *Philosophical
Notebooks* that they occur naturally in thinking about historical
materialism, but even the Bolsheviks did not police a "party line" on
questions of theoretical philosophy. What I can say is that you might look
into recent work on "neural plasticity" for insights into how the
common-sense "manifest image" of reality and the power of the mind can be
integrated into a naturalist perspective compatible with a "dialectical
materialism" -- I can recommend Catherine Malabou's *What Should We Do with
Our Brain?* as a quick and interesting read on the topic.

Jeff R.

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