[Marxism] Syrian rebel leader Idriss in Turkey, denies fleeing

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Syrian rebel leader Idriss in Turkey, denies fleeing

December 12, 2013 04:28 PM


ISTANBUL: The top military commander of the Western-backed Syrian 
opposition is in Turkey for talks with rebels, a spokesman said 
Thursday, denying reports that he had fled Syria.

The Wall Street Journal reported that General Selim Idriss, the head of 
the Free Syrian Army's Supreme Military Council, had been forced to flee 
after the rival Islamic Front overran key FSA bases near the border with 

But a spokesman for the Syrian National Coalition said Idriss was in 
Turkey holding talks with both FSA rebels and also the Islamic Front, 
which has emerged as the biggest Islamist rebel grouping in Syria. 
"General Selim Idriss is in the south of Turkey on the border of Turkey 
and Syria," SNC spokesman Khaled Saleh told AFP in Istanbul.

The Islamic Front seized depots belonging to the Western-backed FSA near 
the Bab el-Hawa border crossing with Turkey at the weekend and then 
border post itself on Tuesday. The advance prompted the United States 
and Britain to announce Wednesday the suspension of non-lethal aid to 
the moderate rebel forces in northern Syria.

Saleh dismissed the Wall Street Journal report that Idriss had flown to 
Qatar after fleeing to Turkey as "laughable". "Yesterday (Wednesday) he 
was actually meeting with the Islamic Front," he said. "General Idriss 
is still in contact with the FSA brigades that are on the ground, he's 
still in contact with the Islamic Front". The Islamic Front was formed 
last month when six groups merged and pledged to work towards forming an 
Islamic state. It has rejected the authority of the FSA

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(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)

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