[Marxism] Gen. Salim Idris still in Syria, rumors he fled are false

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Fri Dec 13 17:01:11 MST 2013

My latest post on Linux Beach:

      Gen. Salim Idris still in Syria, rumors he fled are false

> Spreading false rumors that a leader has been killed is one of the
> oldest tricks in warfare.  It is designed to demoralize his supporters
> and can also be used to force the commander to reveal himself at an
> inopportune time.
> I must admit to doing this myself when I tried to make hay from Bashar
> al-Assad's long absense from public view after the bombing of his
> military headquarters on 18 June 2012. Mummar Qaddafi used a reverse
> variation of this ploy to trick protesters into Green Square to
> celebrate his fleeing Libya, a rumor he had started himself. Then he
> brought out the machine guns and slaughtered more 700 unarmed
> protesters in Tripoli's Long Night, 21 February 2011.
> <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2011/07/february-21st-tripoli-long-night_4518.html>
> Given the long history of this trick, recent reports that General
> Salim Idris, commander of the Free Syria Army had fled to Doha, Qatar
> should have been met with considerable scepticism. After all, doesn't
> he have a home in Turkey? Doesn't he cross the border often in the
> course of his duties because he is not only the FSA's supreme
> commander, he is their point person in dealing with the international
> community. So how many times has he /"fled"/ the country in the past
> three years?

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