[Marxism] Ex-IDF chief: Israel prefers that Assad stay in power

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 13 17:21:49 MST 2013

On 12/13/13 6:51 PM, Vladimiro Giacche' wrote:
> in order to have someone to bomb?

One of our resident "anti-imperialists" pops up like the dormouse in the 
tea party in "Alice in Wonderland". God, I would love more than anything 
to hear a lucid and extended analysis of the rapprochement of American 
imperialism with the Baathist dictatorship. How is it that former CIA 
director Michael Hayden tells "terrorism experts" at a Jamestown 
conference that America has to see al-Assad as the "lesser evil" against 
the dirty, filthy jihadists with their sharia law and their beards?

Btw, has anybody heard of Moon of Alabama? That's a blog that serves as 
a pole of attraction for people like Giacche'. I was making some 
comments there under a post about Hersh's "Whose Sarin" but decided to 
blow it off after one of the regulars had this to say: "Now, Louis, you 
must understand that the fact that [x] expresses rhetorical support for 
[y] simply tells you nothing about [y]. Indulging in this kind of guilt 
by involuntary association is a very common Jewish weakness in 
argument." That's the first time I've run into Jew-baiting in years. 
Naturally I would run into it at such a place.

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