[Marxism] Preparatory Notes towards a Dialectic of the Human Psyche : Part One

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The historical origination and development of capital is not identical with that of capitalism. Capital has a history prior to that of capitalism which only commences when the capital relation itself has become the dominant relationship of production. If we are to consider the history of the human psyche - whether or not such a dialectic is logically and historically legitimate remains debatable - then we are forced to admit that its 'prehistory' is not its history per se because its real history as a determinate phenomenon is its history as a human social phenomenon. But this likewise applies to the human brain itself which, as being the human brain, has a purely social history despite the elementary truth of its biological prehistory in other ancestral, determinate neurological structures.

Analogously, insofar as the chemical elements have not always existed, their real history as determinate forms only begins when they actually come into being. The astrophysicists assert that, besides the simplest element (Hydrogen), the elements were actually created out of this simplest of elements and succeeding elements under extremely high temperatures and pressures as a result of physical processes taking place within the stars as they passed through different stages in their development. Without this process of their formation, they obviously could not exist but this process of their formation is not their history per se as determinate elements. It is, if we must employ this word, their prehistory; the prehistory of their formation or the process by which they came into being.Their real history as determinate objects only begins once they have come into being. The move from the pre-atomic to the atomic to the molecular and then from the non-living to the living* [...] were 'nodal points' in the history of the universe, the emergence of matter on qualitatively distinct levels which broke off - a leap as such - from the preceding stage of development. It is a transformation which contains all the preceding development sublated within itself; abolished yet preserved. 
*[Biopoiesis. The developmental process by and through which living matter originated out of non-living matter in the early history of the Earth. It has been postulated that the first living microscopic forms originated in an aqueous environment, later evolving into amphibious forms which became adapted to colonise the land and evolve into higher terrestrial forms of life.]
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