[Marxism] “Whose Sarin?” is the right question, but why only mention the Islamists as possible suspects ? | openDemocracy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 14 06:21:30 MST 2013


This article by Open Democracy editor Karen Ranucci gives full-throated 
endorsement to Seymour Hersh's "Whose Sarin". Like the NY Review of 
Books and LRB, this is a voice of enlightened, educated, liberal 
professionals and intellectuals. It is just another bit of evidence that 
worries about "humanitarian intervention" were based on the same sort of 
disorder that led Howard Hughes to wash his hands 50 times a day.

Here's something I wrote about Open Democracy a while back:

Opendemocracy.net can best be described as Harry’s Place for the 
cognoscenti. With lavish funding from such sources as the Bank of Sweden 
Tercentenary Foundation and the Rockfeller Fund and editorial guidance 
by such wretches as Todd Gitlinand Roger Scruton (the British 
philosopher who got caught taking surreptitious payoffs from the tobacco 
industry in exchange for writing pro-smoking articles in the Wall Street 
Journal), the website maintains a steady drumbeat for the war on terror 
and against ‘Islamofascism’ and the Bolivarian revolution, etc. Unlike 
the spittle-flecked Harry’s Place blog, Opendemocracy tries to maintain 
a certain kind of scholarly detachment, which arguably makes it far more 


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