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On Sat, December 14, 2013 10:42 am, Clay Claiborne wrote:

> Given this track record, I regard all those who repeat unverified claims
> of
> rebel atrocities by the Assad as his supporters so don't complain when I
> call you pro-Assad.

You can call me anything you like, son, and I won't turn a hair.

> Now to the question of Israel's stand in this bloody conflict.
[opining from various Israelis snipped]

No doubt there are plenty of people in Israel who don't agree
with the Likudniks' long-standing and well-documented policy of
destabilizing and weakening the various Arab states (and Iran
of course, pro virili). But the Likudniks are in the driver's
seat, both in Israel and within the US Israel lobby. Considering
that the various heads of the hydra-like Lobby have been singing the
intervention song in perfect unison -- as they did for the structurally
similar Iraq adventure -- it seems a case of wilful blindness to insist
tht Israel wants to prop up Assad. Or did people like William Kristol
and Robert Kagan somehow not get that memo?

As for Chomsky, nobody admires the guy more than I do, but he's
only human, and he has a long-standing blind spot on this subject.

By the way, may I enter a plea for subject lines that are NOT IN
ALL CAPS?! There's no excuse for that level of n00bery in this day
and age. I've left it alone, above, so as not to confuse readers who
like their posts threaded; but it's ugly, ugly.

Michael Smith
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