[Marxism] Ex-IDF chief: Israel prefers that Assad stay in power

Vladimiro Giacche' md1101 at mclink.it
Sat Dec 14 13:36:55 MST 2013

Il giorno 14/dic/2013, alle ore 01:21, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> ha scritto:

> One of our resident "anti-imperialists" pops up like the dormouse in the tea party in "Alice in Wonderland". 
> Btw, has anybody heard of Moon of Alabama? That's a blog that serves as a pole of attraction for people like Giacche'. 

I read your insults, while I'm naturally still waiting for your reasons. 

I always love the stalinism of many so called (and self- defining) "fierce anti-stalinists". 
In this sense, your answer is a very appropriate one.


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