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This is the comment I posted to this piece:

A few observations.

Putting a focus on fundamentalists as possible suspects in the Syrian gas
attacks helps justify the need for the US to change tactics and ally with
Assad against the jihadists.

This does accurately tell what Hersh's role is with this article and while
overt support for Assad may be a change in tactics, the support for Assad
is strategic and has been there all along, only now Obama is preparing to
drop his *"good cop"* mask. Good cops always do this in their end game.

As far as motives go, since UN inspectors were visiting Syria at the time
of the August attack, Assad would have nothing to gain and all to lose by
mounting a deadly gas attack at that moment.

The UN inspectors were in Damascus when the attack took place and Assad was
the only player in a position to keep the UN inspectors away from the
attack site while he continued his conventional artillery attack on Ghouta
which destroyed evidence and killed witnesses. If he was not responsible
for this attack, I would have expected him to rush the UN inspectors to the
scene to better expose the real perpetrators. Instead he kept them out
while denying that an CW attack had taken place.

Israel has been a staunch US ally in the aiding of “moderate” rebels in
their fight against Assad.

Other than treating a few wounded Syrians from Golan, Israel has provided
no aid to Assad's opposition. They very much want to see Assad win this.
That explains their non-interventionist policy.

The fact is that practically everyone involved in this the conflict can
make sarin.

If sarin is so easy to make, why has only one non-state actor ever used it?
The Tokyo terrorist spent $30million converting a three story building into
a sarin factory and still could produce only a small amount. The fact is
that sarin cannot be produced in a kitchen as Assad claims, or even a
backyard as Hersh claims. It reguires handling some very dangerous gases at
very high temperature, among other things.

The August gas attack crossed the red-line Obama drew in the sand. Whoever
did it knew that a US military response was waiting around the corner.

Whoever did this knew that there had already been multiple crossings of
Obama's *"red-line"* without consequences. Even if they thought *"a US
military response was waiting around the corner"* events have proved them
wrong, therefore, there is no way they could have *"known"* an attack would
happen. Whoever thought there would be a military response to the Damascus
CW attack has been proven wrong and whoever thought such an attack would
not provoke a US military response was right.

Given that history, appealing to what some on the Left thought would happen
makes no sense. I never thought that and called out Obama's *"red-line"* in
my blog only a few hour after he made it 21 Aug 2012, so I certainly think
Assad may have thought he could get away with it without being bombed and
he would have been right in thinking that. So this whole line of reasoning
depends on Assad drawing the same *wrong* conclusions as his defenders on
the Left.

Obama had a sudden, dramatic and seemingly mysterious change of heart

It was not a change of heart and it was mysterious only to those who were
mistaken about his real intentions to begin with.

Yet, their leaks to Hersh, pointing out that the fundamentalists have
sarin, are aptly timed. Recent news reports of the victories won by the
Islamic Front over the US-favored rebels show how the US could now consider
the Islamist rebels a greater threat to US interests than secular Assad. A
number of articles, also fed by anonymous governmental sources, have begun
to sprout up in the US press. The recent NY Times piece entitled, ‘Jihadist
Groups Gain in Turmoil Across Middle East’, lays the groundwork for
Americans to begin to embrace the man we have spent two years trying to get
rid of and battle instead the sarin possessed Islamists. Likewise, the
leaks to Hersh make it easier for the US to switch horses in mid-stream and
push for peace talks with Assad.

I thank for that because I think it states very accurately what is going on
here. I have been saying for years that Obama was playing *"good cop"* to
Putin's *"bad cop."* Your only problem is thinking the US has really been
trying to get rid of Assad for two years and is now switching horses.

You sound a lot like the guy sitting in his jail cell and wonder just when
the *"good"* cop turned bad.

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