[Marxism] How Islamists Beat the Western-'Backed' Opposition for Leadership

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 16 08:58:52 MST 2013

Btw, I posted a link to Joseph Daher's article on recent developments in 
Syria, including an analysis of the Islamic Front. Probably makes sense 
to refer to it again. This is an analysis I agree with, as opposed to 
"Not George Sabra's" stupid tail-ending of political Islam. Who do you 
trust? A Syrian Marxist or someone who knows not a single word of Arabic?


The differences between the Islamic Front and jihadists groups as we 
explained should not in the same time lead us to consider the Islamic 
Front as democratic groups reaching to achieve the objectives of the 
revolution: democracy, social justice and a civil state that treats 
everyone equally, regardless of its religion, gender, ethnicity, etc… 
The Islamic front is actually seeking an Islamic State and has not 
hesitated to attack some democratic groups and figures as we saw in the 
past with threats from Zahran Alloush against  Douma civil council 
lately[xxiv], as well as sections of the FSA as we have seen. In 
addition the Islamic front has not hesitated to seek coalition with ISIS 
in various regions, especially in the Syrian North East region mostly 
composed of Kurdish population to attack Kurdish population and the PKK 
militias PYD. These actions should be condemned. Although some of these 
groups have condemned the actions of ISIS against churches, without 
challenging them politically and military, they all share a sectarian 
discourse against Islamic minorities, especially against Shias and 
Alawites. This is simply unacceptable.


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