[Marxism] ISR on Haymarket

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 09:38:43 MST 2013

As a brief postscript, the exchange between the author and the reviewer is
posted online

As an aside, I am always amused how members of a socialist group, when they
make their living in academe attack their fellow workers in the field as
academic flunkeys in the pay of the capitalist class. Apparently, in their
own minds, an employed academic affiliated with a group has levitated above
the grubby little materialist realities that plague those of us who make
our living the same way.   :-)

One wonders if that applies to other sections of the working class.  That
members who were auto workers, for example, would attack non-members as
contributors to global warming in the employ of the capitalist class.

Group psychology is a fearsome thing, particularly if your goal is an
organization with the members in charge.  It plays out all the more
absurdly in the small groups of the socialist left in the U.S.

Regrettably, as some of us pointed out years ago, this kind of dynamic is a
factor in creating a kind of institutionally self-defined limit on just how
large and broad such a group can be . . . and that addressing these things
would be one of the wisest things the American movement could do.

Mark L.

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