[Marxism] The Good, the Pod, and the Ugly | Vanity Fair

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 18 04:22:02 MST 2013

The Good, the Pod, and the Ugly
By James Wolcott

Upper Manhattan is still registering the aftershocks of last night's 
ruckus on Israel at the 92nd Street Y, a steel-cage tag-team clash of 
ideas that went lopsided when one of the panelists, Commentary editor 
and film critic impersonator John Podhoretz, lost his flemenco temper 
and flounced off the stage. By all accounts, including his own, he 
invited the 92Y audience, which was uncustomarily thronged with 
boobirds, to hiss. "[A]fter a prolonged bout of booing, I responded by 
suggesting—in a manner that was intended, for what I would have thought 
were obvious reasons, to be ironic—that the crowd might try hissing too."


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