[Marxism] Resignation letter from the Irish Socialist Party

David P Á david at miradoiro.com
Thu Dec 19 09:22:55 MST 2013

A number of members of the Socialist Party in Ireland have written a 
collective resignation letter: 

It's interesting that we've seen a number of these lately. One could see 
it as a pattern of writing about apostasy on the left, but I think this 
is a different order of things. It seems to me that a lot of the 
Trotskyist movement is experiencing a reappraisal and--dare I say it?--a 
drive towards unification and reoganisation towards a broader, mass 
party form. Hence a lot of what's been happening of late.

Myself I think Trotskyism had its fundamental reason of existence in 
defending a socialist project independent from the Soviet Union, but 
once this ceased to exist much of the object of the project is gone with 
it. There's not much point in uniting around stalinism when there is, 
effectively, no stalinism to speak of.

I look forward to further moves towards the arising of genuine mass 
parties which do not characterise themselves by their analysis on the 
class nature of polities that no longer exist, or their orientation 
towards historical events or international struggles they have no 
influence on. I'm cautiously optimistic.


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