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Jeffrey was chosen by Alex because Alex apparently saw some of himself in him. Brilliant, committed, with boundless energy and a great sense of humor . . .Most people would have fumbled under the weight of such a project. . .too much can go wrong, way too much (money, egos, political lines, TIME pressures and so on). . . .few if any would have accomplished what Jeffrey has done - developing the CP mission into the stratosphere. . . .CP is the go-to left journal . . .  and Jeffrey is an astounding editor and writer. . . he can talk with anyone! all of us should continue support Jeffrey and the CP banner. . .it's what Cockburn would have wanted. . .

Brian McKenna

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or all the bad-mouthing that Jeff St. Clair got this year, has anybody 
topped to think what it means to have a zine that has fresh material 5 
ays a week with today's weekend edition including 31 articles? THIRTY-ONE.
I really urge comrades to check out mine on "Screening Slavery" that 
overs "Django Unchained", "12 Years a Slave", and 5 others. I work 
xtra hard when I am writing something for Counterpunch.
For all the petty grievances, it is about time Jeff gets some 
ecognition for keeping the Cockburn banner afloat.
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