[Marxism] Abandoned by World, Aleppo faces 7th day of Bombing

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Fri Dec 20 19:43:10 MST 2013

      Abandoned by World, Aleppo faces 7th day of Bombing

> Two representatives form Kafranbel will be speaking in Los Angeles
> this weekend. See *Kafranbel is coming to LA - Meet the
> Revolutionaries*
> <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2013/12/kafranbel-is-coming-to-la-meet.html>
> for details.
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> <http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-QK0IzbVf1F4/UrTyOospstI/AAAAAAAABLw/s4T7jCMeLTI/s1600/killgook4god.jpg>
> There is no terror like that which falls from the sky. This is
> something Americans were quick to overlook while their planes rained
> down death on Vietnam and their news papers screamed about /"Viet Cong
> Terrorism." /They are overlooking it again today, in Syria, instead
> choosing to focus on a handful or religious fanatics waging a
> sectarian war because obviously bringing religion into war is
> completely un-American.
> Aleppo has been subjected to continuous bombing by Bashar al-Assad's
> war planes every day this week, six days straight, and will likely
> face another pounding tomorrow. The carnage I wrote of on Monday
> <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2013/12/assad-barrel-bomb-kill-28-children-in.html>,
> that took the lives of 28 children and a large number of adults on
> Sunday was only the beginning of this most recent /"Death from Above"/
> campaign. seeing how little protest the people of the world have had
> to offer, Assad has felt free to continue his campaign, and so he has.
> This is not civil war, this is simply murder.
> In spite of that, you can be sure that plaster falling from the
> ceiling of a London Theatre will receive more coverage than bombs
> falling on an Aleppo hospital. Such is the bankruptcy of our modern world.
> As with the numerous sarin gas attacks that have ravaged Syria in the
> past year, Russia demands that the world body not say who is
> responsible for this carnage. They want the UN to say they have no
> idea who's aircraft are dropping these bombs. The problem here is that
> only one side in this conflict has an air force. So it will be
> interesting to see how Sy Hersh, Robert Fisk and the other /"Reporters
> following Orders"/ use their weasel words to create doubt about
> Assad's responsibility for this latest slaughter. 
> Not only is this a crime against humanity, it is a blood-guilt for the
> US and every people that could do something about it, but doesn't. The
> examples of the US refusal to bomb the rail lines and crematoriums of
> Auschwitz, or its silence as Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds, come to
> mind. The shame this time is that the /"Left"/ took to the streets and
> joined with some of the worst right-wing elements to demand that
> Assad's carnage not be interrupted. Absolutely despicable!
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