[Marxism] Quote of the Week : SACP (or the sheep in wolf's clothing)

shaun may mnwps at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 22 11:35:01 MST 2013

"As the SACP we are calling on our people to be more vigilant of the one enemy 
in many colours. We must always identify, expose and reject a wolf in a sheep 
skin, no matter how many times it may attempt to convince us that it is a sheep. 
The wolf must never be allowed to be in our flock, for it has no other intention 
but to taste blood".
full text at
Or, as they say, you can't teach the Stalinist grandma to suck eggs. Or an old Stalinist dog new tricks. I think this may be (despite its explicitly referenced purpose) a rather unsubtle, indirect reference to the recent declaration of NUMSA. And we note, with consternation, how many times the Stalinist wolf has tried to convince us that it is truly the socialist or Marxist sheep. It is responsible for a river of proletarian and real communist blood running all the way from Lenin's funeral right up to the ANC/SACP torture camps of its militants in Angola.
Shaun May.
Take it easy  (favourite motto of Engels)
Doubt everything (favourite motto of Marx)



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