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Firstly, what does it mean when we’re told the government is collecting
data about us?  Some history, technical basics and background will be

An exchange of information requires two parties, a message, and a method of
transmitting the message. We probably take it for granted in our day-to-day
communications, but, in practice we also employ mechanisms for verifying
authenciticy and accurate receipt of the message.

In the days of the pony express <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pony_Express>or
telegraph <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_telegraph>, the message
was written on paper and transmitted to a specific destination where the
recipient was likely to be. The pony express rider didn’t need to know the
contents of the message, merely the delivery location. The rider who first
carries the message may not deliver it to its final destination – instead
passing it on to another rider at a relay station.

In the case of the telegraph, the act of transmitting the message –
converting it into *Morse Code* – required the telegrapher to read the
message and perform the translation and keying of the morse code. The
telegrapher hence also had to be trustworthy.
In both these early examples of telecommunication, a number of pieces of
information and data can be obtained without the knowledge or agreement of.
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