[Marxism] Through the Looking-Glass: Viet Cong Terrorism and Syria

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 15:11:15 MST 2013

A major new essay from Linux Beach:

      Through the Looking-Glass: Viet Cong Terrorism and Syria

> The /"Viet Cong"/ was an entirely American creation. I don't mean that 
> the armed wing of the National Liberation Front which, together with 
> the North Vietnamese Army, defeated the US military and made Vietnam 
> whole again, was an American creation. That was entirely created by 
> the blood and tears of the Vietnamese people beginning with their 
> Declaration of Independence in 1945 and known for the first decade of 
> its existence as the Viet Minh.
> Today, the Viet Minh is known only to careful students of Vietnamese 
> history. Just about everyone else in the literate world knows them as 
> the Viet Cong, or simply as the VC. That term, /"Viet Cong"/ was the 
> creation of a US Army Psychological Operations officer by the name of 
> Everest Bumgardner, and the true origins of that label is now so lost 
> to us that a Google search for /"origins of the name Viet Cong"/ 
> doesn't even find what I am about to tell you in the first few pages 
> of search results, if it is to be found at all.


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