[Marxism] Why the US military should make the AK-47 its standard

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Dec 23 19:33:21 MST 2013

I suspect Clay was being sarcastic (right Clay? RIGHT??!!!)

There is no consensus really on this question. The fact is that the modern
day M-16/M-4 is a likely built *better* than the AK-47. The reason the
AK-47 was adopted had simply to do with one thing: it is cheap to produce.
The overly US funded Egyptian Military produces their own AK-47 called the
"AKM". Everything else is U.S. Taxpayer dollar paid for U.S. manufactured
hardware...except the AKM. One the main reasons, too, for the lack of a US
AK-47 military rifle is this: it one of the least accurate weapons of it's
kind out there. The damn thing actually rattles! Generally the M-16s are
more accurate. Lastly, the AK round weights in heavier making carrying more
rounds harder. Of course you can make AKs chambered for the M-16 round

The U.S. military has several other weapons already chambered for their
machine guns with the .223 round sound switch over would be a pain for the
Pentagon. As it happens they are planning to switch to a bigger round
anyway in the next decade but they will do what they have to in order never
to pay the Russians the rights to produce an AK. It's just not happening.

If anyone ever has the chance to shoot one of these off, I highly recommend
you take advantage of it and do so.


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