[Marxism] Why the US military should make the AK-47 its standard

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> >      Why the US military should make the AK-47 its standard
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> You want U.S. imperialist troops to be well-armed?
> Glenn

No, I want them to be very poorly armed, or if possible, sent into combat
with no arms at all.

Why? Because I'm an A hole who doesn't think even a socialist US deserves
an effective infantry and besides, I'm not really serious about making a
revolution anyway.

So, I don't care whether the young Americans that were drafted,
economically or otherwise, have effective weapons in their hands and I
don't care whether they are fending off Somali pirates or taking on
Columbia drug lords or even guaranteeing the right of black teens to go to
high school, I want their guns to jam at the critical moment.

And I don't care whether I'm taking a stand that has any chance of winning
the infantry to the revolution and I even hope their guns will jam should
they come over to the side of the revolution.

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