[Marxism] question re barrel bombs

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 24 10:08:43 MST 2013

Thanks, that article is very useful in understanding the technology.

Meanwhile here's a brand new article which focuses more on why the regime
might be using barrel bombs, and whether that's instead of in addition to
conventional bombs:


The article, like most I found by googling, quotes Brown Moses extensively.
Good work!

On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 10:02 AM, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:

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> On 12/24/13 9:49 AM, Andrew Pollack wrote:
>> But here's my question: if you have room in your plane for such weapons,
>> and your goal is just to kill anything in a given wide area, what's the
>> advantage of such low-tech bombs? Why not two or three of the standard
>> higher firepower bombs instead of a dozen smaller ones?
> Actually MIG's are not set up for such devices, only helicopters from
> which they are dropped at a height too great to ensure any kind of
> accuracy. It seems that rebels--probably those with good connections in
> Saudi Arabia--have now got their hands on some MANPAD's. That is why there
> is so much "collateral damage" as if al-Assad really cared.
> The topic is examined in great deal at Brown Moses (surprise, surprise):
> http://brown-moses.blogspot.com/2013/12/syrias-barrel-
> bomb-technology-relative.html
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