[Marxism] A comment on "Inside Llewyn Davis"

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 26 13:02:22 MST 2013

Louis: " Oh please, everything that comes out of her mouth the entire film is profanity-laced invective. She is as much of a cartoon figure as Bruce  Dern's wife in "Nebraska". . . "etc. and so on.

I don't usually like to comment on these ersatz "critical" commentaries of film. It always seems a bit like descending into stupidity among otherwise highly stimulating  intellects on this list. But, you know, I've been trying to "put my finger" on why these kinds of discussions seem so absolutely boring and unimpressive. It's that socialists seem to have to try to argue against capitalism by criticizing the so patently obvious bourgeois nature of film in capitalist society--NFS. So...What? 
Some of you even genuflect to Louis' expertise in film criticism about how they never go to many movies anymore or how such reviews "help" them decide what to see; as if it is more sophisticated to "know" what's "good" and what's not for, what, socialist purity (puritanism) in watching entertainmnent in capitalist society? Or, is it just a good exercise in determining what entertainment ought to look like "come the revolution"?l Wow, like we would really learn how to do "better" by carping (crapping) on the painfully obvious?

Louis' a great intellect and a great reviewer of film, but, like every other "critic", it's just his opinion and not a bible upon which to "decide" what to see, what not to see, or how stupid or guilty one should feel at being genuinely  entertained by what passes for bourgeois "truths" embodied in film in a bourgeois age regardless the revolutionary or intellectual credentials of the filmmakers. Some truth-teling films or documentaries are entertaining to some, boring, insulting or emotionally devastating to others. Some stupid ideas can also make for entertaining film, let the buyer beware and, at least, have the intellectual confidence not to be too threatened for having her/his "guilty pleasures". 
How 'bout we simply just laugh for laughing's sake or cry for crying's sake, enjoy for simply enjoying any art that moves ye?  I can pretty much promise that you won't lose your revolutionary fervor or stunt your revolutionary marxism for doing so. 

Pardon my ODD, but I think I'll now make a point of watching Llewyn just to enjoy it (or not). 		 	   		  

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