[Marxism] Looming Danger of Abrupt Climate Change ? CounterPunch:

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 13:56:47 MST 2013

Shaun, I'm not sure the statement you make "Unplanned production for profit
based on this relation-in-crisis is the fundamental causality behind
climate changes." is the whole truth. I know this wasn't you point in your
comment but I wanted to note that it has, IMHO, zero do with it's "planned"
or "unplanned" aspect of any mode of production. If there has been world
wide planned socialism in 1900 I suspect the results would of been exactly
the same as it is today until the real discovery of climate change started
in the 1970s by people like Dr. Albert Weinberg at Oak Ridge in the 1970s
and a very few others during this period. What we are experiencing today is
likely, though not proven, from all the accumulated CO2 and other GHGs from
the 1920s onward.

Also, it's nice to see CounterPunch take a positive view toward climate
change issues instead of it Editor's climate change denialism in years past.


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