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On 12/26/13 7:42 PM, Sergii Kutnii wrote:
> Well, here are my organization's statements
> http://avtonomia.net/2013/12/08/autonomous-workers-union-statements-euromaidan/

This just showed up on FB as a comment on my article from a Ukrainian 

Дмитрий Колесник What I see in Ukraine is that western media try to hide 
the leading role of far-right and even neonazi groups in the protest. 
Some liberal media try to show it as a 'occupy'-style, though I see it 
as a more 'tea-party' style protest. Some liberal students play not a 
significant part (20-30) - in a mass of people they almost not seen and 
they just try to agitate without social slogans - because it's too 
dangerous. Far-righters are playing here the main role attacking lefts 
and trade-union activists. You can see their banners in occupied 
building of city council 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-dHVZTtTxQ&feature=youtu.be however that 
doesn't mean that the opposite side (govenment) is left. Too many people 
see in our country the totalitarian nationalism as a way to get rid of 
cleptocrats. And it's difficult to say who is more dangerous. There are 
certainly diferent aspects of protest intersecting here: regional - the 
current government is backed by eastern ukrainian population, the 
opposition - mostly by western part. Besides far-righters at the 
forefront there are mostly miidle-classes protesting against taxes and 
government pressure. I've written early this piece while watching the 
situation in our country 
http://www.criticatac.ro/.../euromaidan-the-play-with-eu.../ Or you can 
read that one http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/ukraine-eu-protests-jew-haters...
Крестик оденьте!
Кельтський хрест в окупованій КМДА / Celtic cross in an occupied Kyiv 
city administration

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