[Marxism] Looming Danger of Abrupt Climate Change ? CounterPunch:

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 21:39:56 MST 2013

Shaun...why would a 'true' or 'real' socialist planning in the 1900s be
somehow more in tune with nature? Would they not industrialize? Would they
not develop? Development at all was based on this technology. Perhaps you
were made Commissar of Planning for the global world economy, with 20/20
hindsight, you could do this but while concerns about the environment were
raised by Marx and Engels, not developing or doing so without, say, digging
coal and burning it, digging for iron ore and smelting it, transitioning
from the steam to electrical economies could *only* of been accomplished in
the manner you seem convinced of *with* 20/20 hind sight. We would of ended
up with the exact same situation today regardless. Modern climatology only
existed really since the 1970s. There were no climatologists back then to
analyses the then slow raise of GHG in the atmosphere.

I think you are seriously projecting backward your (and my) concern for
climate change as if they could of understood this.

Louis posed here the ecological writings of Marx and Engels. They are
fascinating, especially with regards to agriculture and soil depletion. But
at no point do they ever really recognize the overall environmental crisis
nor did they advocate a different form of development save that socialism
would address specifically, say, not burning coal, or not industrializing.
I've never found socialists in this period really addressing how they would
do *anything* differently with regard to technique in industry other than
advance it at a higher rate. The Soviets were the first to introduce
central planning and a socialist economy. They clearly didn't come up with
anything though concern was voiced by many but with little or no solutions
(especially with regard to hydro development and deforestation, where the
Bolsheviks initiated in the latter massive tree planting, but in the
former, massive flooding to build hydro electric dams). Why in the world do
you think a socialist revolution in any other country or countries would
chart a different development path?


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