[Marxism] Looming Danger of Abrupt Climate Change

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 10:08:04 MST 2013

Mark, there were of course exceptions...but they are exceptions to the
*movement* itself. None of these essays had a bit of influence it seems on
the actual workers movement. I think Shaun is pretty much putting forward
an academic definition of socialism that, while perhaps being valid in and
of itself, doesn't mean it was accepted or fought for by *anyone* in the
workers internationals (all three of them). Shaun seems absolutely certain
his vision would of been the results of a victory of the socialist
movement. I think given that the socialist movement didn't take this up, at
least not by any party program and relegated such discussions to a few
essays in magazines (articles promoting vegetarianism, eugenics and all
sorts of things circulated in the socialist movement, but they never
constituted a program of action at all), that the program of every existing
real workers party in this period was continued industrialization under
democratic and workers control. Shaun is really projecting his own view and
not that of the workers movement as it was constituted. Any revolution then
would of been based on those existing organizations, be they Marxist,
Lassalian, or Anarcho-Synidcalist...the results surely would of been the
exact same. There is perhaps zero common ground with him as he consideres
the soviets of the Russian variety to *not* to have been socialist. What
more is there to say?


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