[Marxism] Looming Danger of Abrupt Climate Change

ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu
Sat Dec 28 10:49:06 MST 2013

Here is another quote from chapter 7   of Capital:

> Though a use-value, in the form of a product, issues from the
> labor-process, yet other use-values, products of previous labor, enter
> into it as means of production.  The same-use-value is both the
> product of a previous process, and a means of production in a later
> process.  Products are therefore not only results, but also conditions
> of labor.

 Since Marx overlooked earlier that every production process
 not only produces products but at the same time also
 produces waste streams, it is not surprising that he
 overlooks here the important fact that not only the
 intended products but also the waste streams of one
 production process can be used as inputs into different
 production processes.  The earth is not a closed system but
 it receives a steady flow of high-grade energy from the
 sun.  Because of this it is possible to design systems of
 production processes which do not irreversibly degrade the
 environment but which clean each other up.  Biological
 systems do this all the time, but the possibility and
 necessity to apply similar principles to production has not
 been recognized until very recently.  In some of his
 writings, Marx seems aware of this, but in chapter 7, in
 his general analysis of the production process, he
 overlooks it.  If we read Marx today we must be aware of
 the things he overlooked so that we can apply his theory
 correctly to the present time.


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