[Marxism] Looming danger of not knowing where the football is.

shaun may mnwps at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 28 17:26:10 MST 2013

Les Schaffer wrote :
this kind of response to Hans' seems completely uncalled for. if you
some point to make, take his arguments on directly.
*This kind of response* did *take on his arguments directly*. My point was very clearly made if you read my previous posting. It merely counterposed Marx to Hans Ehrbar's conception of Marx. If you post on a forum claiming to explicitly articulate Marx's conception or its derived implications from false pre-conceptions, then you should expect opposition if what is articulted is clearly incorrect. As a lifelong student of Marx, I am merely drawing the attention of the list to his misconception here.  Do not police the innocuous content and form of my posts or I will leave the list of my own volition. I will not remain on a list with such heavy-handed moderation. I am sure Professor Hans Ehrbar is capable of defending himself.




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