[Marxism] Socialism of Retreat????

shaun may mnwps at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 28 17:48:15 MST 2013

Hans Ehrbar wrote : 
Here Marx describes some of the discoveries of his time, how certain
materials were unexpectedly found to be useful, and how capitalism
led to 
production processes unnecessarily wasteful of natural resources,
or how 
certain potentially useful waste products were not used, or were
used for the 
production of inferior products.
No, Hans. What Marx wrote in the section I cited was in complete contradiction to what you ascribed to him. You clearly need to take time out to re-study Marx. I am a Communist. I am no respecter of status, academic or otherwise. Incidentally, why the tag *socialism in retreat*? Again, I simply cannot see the connection to the content of your or previous posts. As I wrote, if we are to discuss Marx we must have a comprehensive (and not selective) grasp of his whole conception. That is what we call here, in my home English county of Yorkshire, *plain man-to-man speaking* but one of our moderators appears to have perceived it as offensiveness. 

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