[Marxism] The Hunger Games and radical politics

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 07:02:57 MST 2013

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> I haven't seen the movies and probably won't. I read the books a 
> couple
years ago, loved them, and don't remember any homophobic aspects. Am I
remembering wrong?

You are remembering correct. Likewise haven't seen either movie, but 
from this rash of hostile reviews its appears that once again Hollywood 
has simply destroyed a great book. None of the criticisms of the films 
even seem to be about the books I read.

> I also don't remember anything about consensus around individual 
> success.

The books are about collective action.

> I do remember thinking, OK we're plopped in the middle of a 
> class-divided
society, with almost no explanation of how we got there, but on that 
we know who to root for, both in the games and in succeeding larger 

The explanation of how we got there was very clear - it was the 
aftermath of a failed revolution. The 3rd volume of HG of course ends in 
successful revolution.

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