[Marxism] The Hunger Games and radical politics

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 12:50:24 MST 2013

I take some exception to the negative reviews of the movie. The movie's
(and books) market are teenagers, specifically teenage girls and young

Millions of young people go away from this movie. I always pay attention to
what people are saying about the film while exiting, it's very revealing.
You can't do this off a DVD in your living room. Most of these young kids
were jazzed by the movie. Comments like 'ruck fucks' permeated the comments
along with "can't wait 'till part 3 when those poor folks right up and take
back what's theirs'. These are mostly a young white and Asian crowd when I
went to see it.

As for the homophobia. The comment that Louis re-posted from one of the
reviews about the the miners being Tea Party types and implying that's who
this movie politically appeals to is a fucking vial, anti-working class
scum bag. Fuck him. This sort of anti-working class perspective I happen to
expect from, well, liberal reviewers who've likely never lived in ears like
this (I have). It's a completely ignorant and very stupid statement too

The implied imagery of the ruling class is not 'gay'. It is 'decadent'. I
will admit that a reaction I had is that some of the characters appear as
characterizations of the flamboyant drag queens of type most of us have
'seen' exploited in television and movies in the past. But there is
nothing, zero, beyond their "appearance" that would turn anyone's "gaydar"
toward them as being gay beyond that.

Please notice, if you've seen the film, there is ZERO REFERENCE TO VALUES a
la 'white christian family values', a la Tea-Party. The only 'values'
implied, strongly, is justice, full stop. And that based *clearly* on a
gross exploitation of the city ruling class of the working class miners.
These folks express NO homophobia, and why all these reviews seems to have
a blind spot for Black folk (what idiot wrote "mostly white"? You mean,
like it actually IS in Appalachia?): the first guy to get offed by the
fascists is an old Black miner who gives the 3 finger solute for revolution
in response to seeing seeing the star of the movie off to the city to
compete in the games.

I think all these oh-so-faux-PC-reveiwers are not worth reading. See the
movie and judge for yourself.

On the theatrical level, the film I give a B-. I didn't really think the
actors were "into it" including Woody Harrelson who stars as the game
winner of a generation past. But I, my family, and all my political friends
were very entertained by the movie and loved the clear message of the 99%
vs the 1%.

David Walters

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