[Marxism] socialism of retreat

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 15:47:32 MST 2013

Well, the list is open to any and all who want to be on it, so it's hard to
hold it responsible for any views expressed here.

My interest in this exchange has waned, as my eyes glaze over when the Marx
quotes start flying.

But I do have a last comment.

I admit that I'm unfamiliar with the quality of foresight among the ruling
class of most other nations, but the U.S. ruling class is constitutionally
incapable of not doing things that do it severe damage . . .

The notion that it COULD do something positively beneficial seems strange.

The notion that it WOULD something positively beneficial seems stranger.

The notion that it could do something positively beneficial that didn't put
the rest of the world and the rest of American society in an even more
decidedly disadvantageous position is more unbelievable than something
you'd hear from Lourdes.  :-)

Bests of what's left of the season to all.


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