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Sun Dec 29 15:56:10 MST 2013

By *Ike Nahem*

        /Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is
        man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings./ --
        Nelson Mandela

December 29, 2013 -- The outpouring of emotion and dignified 
appreciation that met the passing of Nelson Mandela on December 5, 2013, 
flowed like a raging river from every nation and people on the planet. 
It was a grief tempered by a jubilation and wonderment at the life of 
this great and humble human being.

While it is certainly true that Mandela's death resonated most 
powerfully with the South African people and particularly with oppressed 
and exploited working people worldwide, it is also the case that Mandela 
was admired and loved by countless millions from all social classes and 
walks of life with any democratic and anti-racist principles, who were 
sincerely touched and inspired by his amazing life, his example and his 

I had the unforgettable experience -- and the thrill of a lifetime -- to 
meet, shake hands and exchange a few words with Nelson Mandela.

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