[Marxism] Hunger Games and radical politics

David McDonald davidbyrnemcdonaldiii at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 18:27:17 MST 2013

I find myself agreeing with David Walters I must of what he says.

First, I have read all three of the books and seen both of the movies,
which makes me uniquely qualified relative to all the people who say they
have not read or seen "x", which, in my English major-like way, makes me
want to shake them by the ears and say "Then shut the fuck up!"

I totally agree that the excesses of the population of the capital are
about over-the-top cultural degeneration rather than anything to do with
being gay.

The books are straight-forward female coming of age novels, a well-known
and respected genre going back arguably to Jane Austen and certainly to
such science fiction classics as Podkayne of Mars and The Witches of
Karres. That is why there is such dramatic tension about Katniss' faux-love
for Petra as opposed to her real love for the guy back in the 12th.

There is are lack of Black people as sympathetic characters. The young
black girl (hardly a woman) who saves Katniss is just one example and there
is the scene in Book Two where the overwhelmingly Black population of
District whatever is worse off than Katniss's folk and more brutally
treated, if possible. It is not invalid to outside an Appalachia-like
environment with few Black people and other areas full of similarly but
differently exploited Black people.

Likewise it is not invalid to depict Katniss' "team" of preparers for
display are hugely gay. That is the way the world is, not some anti-gay
fantasy of Suzanne Collins. Whon do you folks think inhabit the world of
set decorators? Gimme a break! And don't forget that President Snow's last
attempt to dock with Katniss prior to her emerging into combat in Catching
Fire was the brutal beating of Cinna, the obviously gay costumier.

No one had yet mentioned the most obvious feature of the art direction of
this series, which it's that it is wholly lifted from the most excellent
Winter's Bone, an Indy flick and Jennifer Lawrence's first and
super-phenomenal appearance on the screen. Someone paid attention to the
wild success of this movie and decided there was money to be made from
depicting the grey circumstances we in the districts live in.

I think Louis' one valid criticism of Catching Fire it's that it is
basically a remake of the first movie. This is partially due to the fact
that it skips a lot of the character development that makes Book Two more
interesting and shows vastly more depth to the character Woody Harrelson

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