[Marxism] Why celebrities love twitter and I hate it

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 30 06:39:55 MST 2013

I was wrong about not being able to reply to Greenwald, btw. I am still 
getting the hang of the mechanics of Twitter. I should mention that I 
have been using Twitter to some extent for quite a while. My Wordpress 
blog has an interface that automatically generates links to new articles 
to my followers.

With respect to Sunkara, he responded to me on FB holding up a Jacobin 
article hailing Sawant's election. I responded to him:

Bhaskar, I don't care what appeared in Jacobin. I think your tweet 
showed a poor understanding of the Sawant phenomenon:

"Pretending like the election of a city councilor from a small sect is 
the 2nd coming of the Petrograd Soviet has been good for socialists."

Even now, I feel constrained by FB limitations to explain to you what's 
all wrong with this tweet. To start with, even Sawant told the NY Times 
that her election does not indicate broad support for socialism. What 
the vote represents is the possibility of a *radical* campaign connected 
to an activist base to succeed. That is in fact what the Green Party is 
missing. In its early stages it had much more of an activist base but 
the Demogreens helped to quash that possibility. I am dead-set opposed 
to sectarianism but in its way the Sawant campaign is the first 
indication of the lasting power of the Occupy movement. Shortly after 
the cops drove protestors out of all the occupied public spaces, I 
raised the idea of holding a national conference in order to declare an 
Occupy Party that would challenge Obama in 2012. Given the anarchist 
sensibilities of the leaders (a contradiction in terms if here ever 
was), this was bound to fall upon deaf ears. But Socialist Alternative 
might have been listening.

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