[Marxism] Help Defend Jacobin / CounterPunch and the War on Transgender People

Stephen stephen.v.cantor at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 22:23:56 MST 2013

Jacobin is towing the politically correct line here and embarrassingly for them,

they have not read anything referred to in the article they publish. 

The UN letter by Brennan and Hungerford does not 

deny trans persons their rights--if anything it advocates for their rights and 

the article by Vigo makes no reference to transgender persons having 
'no right to exist'.  The Allen piece is purely defamatory and needs to be

 addressed by the left. What Jacobin is engaging in is typical neo-liberal 

politics attacking those on the left who are cogently addressing important 

issues. I would think your group would write a group letter to Jacobin and 

ask why they refused to run a rebuttal by Julian Vigo who had asked 

that they do.  They claimed they could not because of a 

lawsuit. So far, no law suit has been filed hence it seems 

Jacobin is only capable of lies.  You can 

contact Julian Vigo, Counterpunch and Jacobin to verify all this.



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