[Marxism] ALP icons: Abbott not enough of a neo-liberal extremist for our likings!

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 23:25:20 MST 2013

I was about to post something on this story.  I will not buy or read
Murdoch's Australian, but I caught the headline in a shop.  I cannot stop
feeling disgusted at the Labor Party Right. My first response is the Irish
one.  I think of them as "traitors", but truly Hawke and Keating and the
likes are simply being true to their natures.  They feel their master's
voice in their very being and can give expression to it without being asked
to.  they have not gone over to the enemy.  They are the enemy.

This means that we are austerity bound in Australia.  The Tory government
wants to slash and slash but is a little anxious.  The Labor Party
campaigned in the election on an anti-cuts platform, and that is what saved
them from an electoral wipe out, and narrowed the conservative victory to
such an extent that an austerity offensive contains electoral dangers for
the government.  What Hawke and Keating are attempting to do is to ensure
that the Labor Party does not mount an anti-austerity campaign, that could
in fact destabilize the government.

So the Australian public must be  softened up.  They have to be told the
"economy" needs austerity.  The economy - that disembedded phenomenon that
somehow floats in the ether apart from society. And who better to come out
with that message than the Labor stalwarts - Hawke and Keating, who
presided over the  first wave of neo-liberalism.  Now they are trotted out
by the Murdoch press as tame little pets to say what the master wants said.

We are in then for vampire capitalism in Oz.  Only a political storm in
Europe, can save us.  May 2014 be the year of the European Spring.  That
would give the phrase "Happy New Year" some real content.



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