[Marxism] Paul Le Blanc on the SWP crisis

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Fri Feb 1 04:41:02 MST 2013

Paul Le Blanc states in this latest article - that the U. S. SWP crisis
occurred in the 1980's.

I disagree.  The purges started long before then, a sad history of 
arrogant and insecure people who insisted they knew best and that
all others were wrong and thus objective traitors and bandits to the 
one vision and cause.  No room for different thought was allowed - 
even though it was claimed it was a "democratic organization".  It 
was centralist for sure - but not really democratic.  The need to be
recognized as intellectually superior by ones peers over others, is 
a definite part of the problem - whether in a Stalinist or Trotskyist
party.  Zinoviev was clearly a great example of this wrong thinking
and arrogance.  And the need to go along and not jeopardize one's
status, is reflected today in the British SWP current rape crisis and
sadly in so many other party formations.

Why do people who have both intellectual critical thought and 
courage enough to challenge capitalist rule and thinking - but they
then fear speaking up and thinking in left groups, to comply with             
"the leaders" and the majority.  Insecurity is one part of the answer.   

I also question why comrades on this list do not want to recognize 
that those of us who left the SWP in 1974 over the Barnes led           
leadership who then had deliberately wanted to degrade and 
drive out the uppity Gays from the SWP - was the very same 
problem that developed into the 1980's mass expulsions, in that
same organization.  Group Think.

Around four weeks ago, Barry Shepherd approached me after I
just finished speaking at the ILWU San Francisco Hall at the
Howard Wallace Memorial - and said that I and Howard Wallace
(and the many others) were correct when we left in 1974.  He
apparently finally recognized this is part of the same problem -
arrogant insecure people operating like most police, when they
are threatened with different thinking and conclusions.

Why do we need political police in non-revolutionary situations,
except to confirm that one thought is acceptable and all others
must be crushed.  Is it the party that is being attacked, or just
mis-leaders with great insecurity who fear they will be attacked,
if they do not exert total control over those who might have
different thoughts and views.  Arrogant ego trippers with little
real leadership.  People should be respected and be able to
disagree as a minority and majority, while still able to proceed
together.  False political crisis are created for simply justifying
the superiority of the leaders and thus confirming the party
politics, approach and operations are correct.  The only thing
correct in my opinion, is we need to stop this group think and
allow critical thinking and questioning - before and after a
real revolution.  Too many have been lost to the revolution
by this "leaders know best and must be obeyed mentality".

The British SWP leaders need to place their egos aside and
their upcoming National Committee meeting this weekend,
should state the obvious - there is far more to lose than win
by trying to ignore the growing crisis and cover up.  Should
they not reverse their recent expulsions and instead continue
with more of those who are critical of unwanted sexual 
advances and sexual violence, leads to a defeated party with
little future and far less influence with other non members
in Britain and elsewhere.  

A healthy leadership would reverse course and stop being 
defensive of a wrong, but the odds of ego before politics 
will likely be played out for us all to review.  Will the correct 
conclusions be drawn, or will we just have another political 
formation become a small led personal cult, as the U. S. SWP 
sadly became?  

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