[Marxism] David Bromwich on "Zero Dark Thirty"

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Fri Feb 1 07:45:14 MST 2013

Sad but true...
America's crimes are sanctified by white women the black man or the other...
same wrld over...
get the jew to do the killing or let itbe another outcast....then no one
can question
But the problem is white women have long lost their soul.......
The ' beauty 'of greta garbo- the white woman now conceals a wickedness not
even matched in the harshest of men...
The beauty tht once poets praised and painters captured so elegantly now
hides a vicious heart..

Not muslims not terrorists not jews not even israel...
The modern problem ...the prblm of this era is the prblm of the white
The face of 'evil' is not hitler stalin or obl....but the white
women....the face the camera loves... in the world of appearances the white
woman's face can conceal all crime and evil

Our problem is not wars and poverty...but wht do wth the white women.

Sad but true.

> I love Bromwich. Don't know how I missed this when it first came out on
Jan. 19.
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