[Marxism] Paul Le Blanc on the SWP crisis

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Sat Feb 2 02:01:48 MST 2013

I'm sorry but I can't leave this  comment go unchallenged:

Omar Hassan WROTE:  Because the "Socialist Alliance project failed to
live up to the expectation..., a considerable number of people
(including a number who had been regalvanised in the initial phase of
the Alliance) were lost to socialist politics."

How do you KNOW, Omar, that this was the case?

A  "considerable number of people" were lost?  Do you know their names
so we can check your assertion that they " were lost to socialist

If they had been 'lost', how do you know who they were since you were
never in the Alliance.

Similarly if they had been thereafter 'lost' , would they all have
joined Socialist Alternative rather than suffer further lostness?

Since I was among those who were  "regalvanised in the initial phase
of the Alliance" I've aways been  considerate of any subsequent
membership loss and demoralization. And since I knew many non aligned
SA members personally I'm more than a bit wary of your assertion as I
can NAME many of  those who subsequently left and WHO may not be
active today.

Loss? Surely. Over a ten year period especially in the wake of the
return to Laborism after the  demise of the Your Rights at Work
Campaign and the exit of the Marxist affiliates such as the ISO and

But a 'considerable number'?

How many is that?

Tragically  a   major loss to activist socialist politics over this
period wasn't necessarily inside the Alliance itself, but  among those
who exited the DSP in the split that formed the RSP and  the
membership loss that flowed from the implosion of the International
Socialist Organization (the local IST affiliate).

 It is easy to quantify how many left the DSP at the time to form the
RSP-- but how many of these recently joined Socialist Alternative?

My hope is that the RSP's recent fusion with Socialist Alternative may
"regalvanise"  some of them who have dropped out .

 dave riley

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