[Marxism] MRZine disinformation

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Feb 2 06:48:36 MST 2013

If you go to Yoshie's blog (misnamed Monthly Review since none of the 
editors except perhaps the ineffable John Mage seem to embrace it), you 
will see a link a Youtube video about "rebel lunatics" shooting at a 
"civilian" Boeing 747 making a landing at the Damascus airport. This is 
perhaps the most disgusting item seen on this disgusting personal blog 
since the Arab Spring began, and since it became transformed totally 
into an outlet for al-Assad.

The Youtube link had a disclaimer "The following content has been 
identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or 
inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised."

I wondered why. So after googling "Boeing 747 fired upon Syria", I found 


The aircraft has no sizable titles on it, which means it is somewhat 
unlikely to be a operated by a regular airline. So just with the video 
research, this would likely be a cargo aircraft or an Air Force aircraft.

With these facts out of the way, we can start doing some research. Back 
to the internet, we began hunting for Classic 747s in that area of the 
world and beyond. Though likely candidates were found early, the search 
went through thousands of different airframes, with one particular 
“company” catching our eye.

The Iranian Air Force is known to have at least four Classic 747s that 
are painted with a blue cheatline, blue tail, white top and blue bottom, 
with no printed titles. One of them, a 747-100 registered EP-AJT, was 
seen flying in Tehran, Iran just a few weeks ago on January 11th. 
Formerly registered 5-8101 seen here, the aircraft sports the exact 
scheme as in the video. It also has a bump just above the nose, which 
was intended to be used for mid-air refueling, which seems to be visible 
in the grainy video as well. This, and minor details on their three 
other 747s, leads us to believe it is this specific airframe. It is also 
no secret that Iran has been supplying various forms of aid to Syria 
during their time of civil unrest (to put it lightly).

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