[Marxism] Paul Le Blanc on the SWP crisis

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Feb 2 09:15:49 MST 2013

On 2/2/13 11:01 AM, DCQ wrote:
> Just finished reading this. I am honestly a bit confused by it. Not
> the content (which is good), but how the debate is shaping up. In
> response to the crisis, Alex responds to...Owen Jones? Then the
> opposition posts a response--a quite good one ("Is Zinoviezism
> finished?") and Paul responds to Alex and ... Louis Proyect (who
> likewise only mentions one side)? It comes across as dancing around
> the real debate.

Honestly I am growing weary of debating "Zinovievism". I probably will 
write a response to the Socialist Alternative article by Sandra 
Bloodworth but am not looking forward to it. At a certain point it 
becomes an exercise in futility. I remember back in 1969 how I felt 
about things as a young and enthusiastic SWP member. If anybody had 
approached me with the kinds of ideas I have now, I would have laughed 
in their face. I think the momentum is shifting toward mass parties of 
the left that have much more in common with the Second International 
parties that the Comintern was meant to replace.

I have to get a chuckle, btw, over a polemic directed against Richard 
Seymour on SYRIZA written by a Greek IST'er for Left Flank, a blog that 
should really be called Ultraleft Flank. It concludes:

"For those who unashamedly situate ourselves in the revolutionary 
Marxist tradition, the building of revolutionary left organisations, 
like ,,, the SWP in Britain, is the key strategic task if we want a 
world without the catastrophes of capitalism."

I was inspired to write this comment:

"Yes, that is the primary task facing the Greek left. To build something 
like the British SWP. My advice is to bring Comrade Delta in as an 
outside consultant."

The gist of the article is a reprimand of Richard because SYRIZA is not 
fighting for a socialist revolution but a government that will do for 
Greece what Kirchner did for Argentina. Yes, what a bbbrrrretrayal that 
would be.

Has any of these ultraleftists at Ultraleft Flank read "Ultraleftism, an 
infantile disorder"? Lenin urges the German Communists, who were 
probably 10 times larger than ANTARSYA, to vote for the Socialists, who 
killed Rosa Luxemburg. Imagine that...

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