[Marxism] Paul Le Blanc on the SWP crisis

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 2 10:42:05 MST 2013

" Lastly, I'll just pose an observation: that each of these contributions completely avoids dealing with issues of sexism and gender oppression. (Well, to be precise, Alex completely avoids it; Louis admirably mentions it, but only as a "match" that highlighted the *real* "Leninist" problem (could it not be the reverse?); and Paul doesn't because he's arguing for&against the first two.) Why is that? And why is that ok?"
It's not ok, Dave. It's an important observation and I am glad you made it and reminded at least me of it. I would say that many of the UKSWP opposition is, I am sure, clear about the gender (and indirectly, so, race/ethnicity) issues at the  base of these events. Indeed, I believe such issues--like the national and women's liberation issues of previous "Leninist" battles--are often ignored because so many of the people engaged in the debate are White men. To be fair, it's not really desirable for White men to make the connection between women's and national/race/ethnic oppression and the battles over the mis-characterization of "leninism" (which is not to say all people involved in this debate should not engage them). Women, in particular, should not be a "side show" in this debate; after all, it is women who have born the brunt of this "crisis", which is really a crisis of the revolutionary left historically. People of color have a direct interest in this crisis as well. I cannot imagine that a party of any revolutionary worth, including the UKSWP, would not have Black and Brown voices to have something to say. 

Laurie Penney, not in the SWP, has been one voice that has spoken out and strongly on this crisis and its relation to Left politics, http://www.newstatesman.com/laurie-penny/2013/01/what-does-swps-way-dealing-sex-assault-allegations-tell-us-about-leftand, in response to the debate, here is a response to Callinicos: http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/laurie-penny/2010/12/deregulating-resistance
Unfortunately, and it is a freely-admitted failing, I am not really all that familiar with other voices, including of women inside the UKSWP or of people of color. I truly believe that a significant contribution to this list and to the revolutionary left would be more attention to hearing the voices of women (just found Laurie's twitter and tumbr handle and have begun following it!) and people of color within and without the revolutionary and Marxist movement (Yes, David T., I also believe that so for LGBTQ voices as well). 		 	   		  

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