[Marxism] Paul Le Blanc on the SWP crisis

Anthony Hartin hartin at mail.desy.de
Sat Feb 2 11:20:51 MST 2013

I think we want to be a little careful not to turn "anti-zinoviesm"
into another schema that the left must adhere to in order to be guarenteed 
growth. I'm much more open to the idea that all types of left 
formations suffer or propsper according to the material conditions. To my 
mind thats the principle of why SYRIZA has enjoyed a spectacular step 
forward - it reflects the depth of the crisis amongst Greek workers, and 
not because SYRIZA understands the united front or "anti-zinoviesm" better 
than anyone else. The fact of that matter is that most of these type of 
formations (RESPECT, NPA, SocAlliance) have either imploded or treaded 

On the other hand its not impossible that leninist organisations like 
SocAlternative/RSP can find a way forward also. Despite Gary's eternal 
shudder of disgust, you may have to concede that SocAlternative learnt 
something through past faction struggles (Mick, Sandra, Jeff and Jill 
Sparrow and myself were all expelled from the IST), and the last 18 
years of slow and steady building. I mean you have to take some hope from 
that fact that past bitter rivals decided that they were able to get 
along after all - perhaps there's hope for the rest of us as well.


>> On 2/2/13 11:01 AM, DCQ wrote:
>> Just finished reading this. I am honestly a bit confused by it. Not
>> the content (which is good), but how the debate is shaping up. In
>> response to the crisis, Alex responds to...Owen Jones? Then the
>> opposition posts a response--a quite good one ("Is Zinoviezism
>> finished?") and Paul responds to Alex and ... Louis Proyect (who
>> likewise only mentions one side)? It comes across as dancing around
>> the real debate.

>Louis wrote:
>Honestly I am growing weary of debating "Zinovievism". I probably will 
>write a response to the Socialist Alternative article by Sandra Bloodworth 
>but am not looking forward to it. At a certain point it becomes an 
>exercise in futility. I remember back in 1969 how I felt about things as a 
>young and enthusiastic SWP member. If anybody had approached me with the 
>kinds of ideas I have now, I would have laughed in their face. I think 
> momentum is shifting toward mass parties of the left that have much more 
> in common with the Second International parties that the Comintern was 
> meant to replace.

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