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Philly Socialists: Fraternal Correspondence with The North Star
by Philly Socialists on February 2, 2013

The Philly Socialists are a local socialist group based in Philadelphia, 
who are “committed to creating a just and sustainable future for 
ourselves and our planet.” They engaging in community activism and 
organizing, in order to help “transform our political and economic 
system into one befitting of basic human dignity.”  On January 5, 2013, 
they unanimously passed the following resolution for “fraternal 
correspondence with The North Star.” We welcome the Philly Socialists 
and look forward to working with them to help advance the socialist left.

     This next year holds many promises for socialism if we are willing 
to fight for it. It is time for us to grow our membership, stabilize our 
finances, reinforce our current programs, and expand Philly Socialists 
to a whole new host of programs. It is in this spirit that I propose 
that as an organization we take our experiences, our understandings, and 
our opinions and contribute them to the productive dialogue that is 
currently occurring amongst many radical activists and intellectuals.

     One forum of discussion that would be fruitful for the Party to 
pursue correspondence with is The North Star (thenorthstar.info) The 
North Star is a forum of leftists of diverse positions who in their 
words exist to facilitate unity and inclusiveness across the left 
through “rigorous and honest debate, which is just the first step in a 
long, protracted process of recreating a radical left in this county 
with meaningful political muscle.”

     The North Star and Philly Socialists have affinities and 
divergences of opinion, but both groups are dedicated to open, honest, 
and respectful debate. We both are dedicated to the goal of building a 
broad left Party to fight for the 99%. We both see gaining political 
power through such a Party as a route to liberation for the 99%.

     To this end I am proposing that Philly Socialists begin fraternally 
corresponding with The North Star. Members will be encouraged to write 
as Philly Socialists members, i.e. identifying as Philly Socialists but 
writing as individuals on their own volition. Points of unity with The 
North Star are listed below. These points should be kept as our “party 
line” when engaging with The North Star:

         1. The necessity of building a Party, defined either as a new 
political party, a tendency within such a political party, a mass-based 
independent political organization, or some combination thereof

         2. Science as a core Socialist value

         3. Taking elections seriously; gaining political power via 
participation in the electoral process (with an emphasis on winning)

         4. Respectful and comradely debate and airing of political 

     Of course Philly Socialists members are always free to correspond 
with whomever they wish and disregard the “party line.” The organization 
asks that such members would only identify themselves as members when 
writing within the core values and party line of Philly Socialists.”

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