[Marxism] Christopher Phelps on Eugene Genovese

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"Opposition to bourgeois culture was the common strand of Genovese’s  
life, present at every phase. His youthful commitment to Stalin’s  
Soviet Union, his mid-1960s affinity for Maoist China, his midlife  
expositions on slaveholder culture, and his late-life conservative  
Roman Catholicism and hankering for Old South conservatism"

For Genovese to go from Stalinism to Roman Catholicism was no big  
step--just substituting one infallible reactionary authoritarian  
doctrine for another.  His nostalgic esteem for the slaveholding  
aristocracy of the Confederacy, like his embrace of popery, mark him  
unambiguously as a late variety of a type painted by Marx in the  
Manifesto as the embodiment of opposition to bourgeois culture: the  
feudal socialist.

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