[Marxism] Paul Le Blanc on the SWP crisis

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Feb 3 06:56:18 MST 2013

On 2/3/13 1:31 AM, Nick Fredman wrote:
> Incidentally the Mick Armstrong article was titled, 'From little things big
> things grow', presumably after the Kev Carmody/Paul Kelly song of the same
> name. I.e. While it presented a rather timeless "Leninism",

It wasn't an article. It was a book. It also seems to have disappeared 
from the Internet. Five years ago I told Mick he was wrong and I am sure 
that all the Socialist Alternative people viewed my criticisms as 
anathema. Now his idiotic book has fallen into the memory hole.

Ten years ago I was telling the DSP in Australia that Cannon was all 
wet. They had the same reaction to me. That Proyect is a petty bourgeois 
talk shop clown. Now you can find no reference to Cannon in their 
literature, a big step forward.

John Percy split with his comrades because they had abandoned Cannon. 
The next thing you know they join Armstrong's group that has abandoned 
Armstrong's organizational views that were pretty much in line with 
Cannon's arch-Zinovievism.

It is enough to make your head spin.

I have been saying the same thing for 30 years and have never retracted 
a single word. I won't be saying it for the next 30 since I am such a 
geezer. But I'll bet you that $100 that 30 years from now the sect form 
will be long forgotten. You can send the money to my wife who is a lot 
younger and will certainly survive me. She also has my instructions to 
put my comic book memoir online since that asshole Joyce Brabner will be 
dead by then as well.

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