[Marxism] New possibilities for a realignment of the left

Jim Moody jim at redunity.org.uk
Sun Feb 3 09:07:47 MST 2013

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on Sun, 03 Feb 2013 09:55:59 -0500, Louis Proyect wrote:
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> There is a crisis at the heart of the left in Britain. It is most
> acute in the SWP, where the bureaucratism and lack of democracy have
> exploded into an incredibly damaging public explosion around the
> handling of a rape allegation against a senior party leader. But this
> is also partly reflective of a wider chronic problem of cyclical
> decline, increasing isolation and the blight of sectdom which
> inflicts the entire left. Bureaucratic domination of a revolutionary
> organisation is nothing new, and it is always caused to some degree
> by the weak relationship to the working class and other popular
> forces.

No, bureaucratic domination of a revolutionary organisation is caused by a lack of internal 
democracy. It is the 'democratic' part of 'democratic centralism', which seems so readily to be 
excised by bureaucratic leaderships. And then they wonder why workers do not flock into their ranks 
- quite incredible!

So it is the lack of democracy - plus quite possibly also a crap program; that is, if the 
organisation has one (the SWP UK does not) - that can so obviously produce a weak relationship with 
the working class. That is the elephant in the room that so many on this list seem stubbornly not to 
want to engage with.

Jim Moody (jim at redunity.org.uk) on 03/02/2013

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