[Marxism] On Maruti workers protest 5 Feb 2013

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Sun Feb 3 12:59:43 MST 2013

On Maruti workers protest 5 Feb 2013

Since the outbreak of the workers-management conflict almost 2 years ago, the harassment of workers have continued unabated. The the entire 12-member executive of the MSWU and 137 other workers have been languishing in jail since July 2012, when the manager of Maruti was killed in a highly controversial fashion, but the management and the government had swiftly implicated the agitating workers of murder. Since then the police has been hounding them and putting them behind the bar, in a fashion only reserved for criminals. The jailed union leaders and their colleagues have been brutally tortured and forced to sign on white papers. The government and the police force with each passing day have shed all pretensions of neutrality and have come openly in support of capitalist.


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