[Marxism] World Bank "education reform" and Imperial "soft power" in dictatorial Kazakhstan

Allen Ruff alruff at tds.net
Sun Feb 3 16:32:00 MST 2013

Check out the piece by Steve Horn and me  appearing in the current issue 
of Z-Magazine.

 From the intro:

"...On December 16, 2011, Kazakhstan state security forces opened fire 
on striking oil workers in the Caspian Sea company town of Zhanaozen. 
According to the official count, 15 died and upwards of 70 were wounded 
(unofficial casualty counts ran much higher). Jailings and repression of 
critics and political opponents of the regime have continued since.

The "Zhanaozen Massacre" seemingly went unnoticed by the Western faculty 
members and administrators working at the recently opened Nazarbayev 
University, located in the country's ostentatious new capital, Astana. 
Opened in 2010, the mutli-billion dollar showcase university came about 
through a joint venture involving the country's authoritarian regime 
under "Leader of the Nation," Nursultan Nazarbayev, the World Bank, and 
a number of major---primarily U.S.---"partnering" universities.

As a result of deals shaped and brokered by the World Bank in 2009 and 
2010, scores of academics flocked to the resource-rich, strategically 
located Central Asian country. They remain there despite the fact that 
every major international human rights monitor has cited the regime for 
its continuing abuse of civil liberties and basic freedoms.

In the process, Kazakhstan has become a proving ground for the World 
Bank's "education reform" efforts and a revealing case study of the 
deep-seated "soft power" workings of the U.S. imperial order...."

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